Here is a introduction for how to use the Material Doc.


Material Doc is a Jekyll powered site, with can be host directly on GitHub Pages.

All things you need to do is to fork this Project. Then you can visit your own site on http://<username>

Anything you can on branch gh-pages will be displayed on your site.

For more details about site hosting (eg. Change site name, use your own domain, etc.) visit GitHub Pages.

Site configuration

Edit _config.yml to change the title, owner, description, social links, etc.

You can specific social links in footer of this site:

  - name: github
    user: tankery
  - name: stack-overflow
    user: 1038900

Now we support following social account:

github, twitter, weibo, google-plus, instagram, facebook, stack-overflow

To support more social links, edit url in _data/socials.yml. Remenber to always use a name that support by Font Awesome Icons, to make sure the icon is shown.

Writing docs

Markdown is the language you can use to write the docs. A new doc can be add by following steps:

  1. Write new docs with descriptions in header and put them to the folder _docs.
  2. Edit _data/docs.yml to map your doc to navigation bar.

The header of doc is write like following:

layout: doc
title: How to Use
permalink: /docs/usage/
  • layout specific the page layout for different type of page. In most case, you should use doc for your page.
  • title is the title displayed on top of page.
  • permalink can specific the link of this page. Make sure the link is started by /docs, which is the root path of any docs. Path follow the /docs is the key of this doc, that will be used to map the doc to the navigation bar in docs.yml.

The config file docs.yml can controls structure of navigation bar. Elements in navigation including:

  • title, to specific the category name.
  • docs, to list docs key in category.

Add new pages

Besides docs, you can add new pages also, all things you need to do is add a new Markdown file in any sub-folder of this site. Jekyll will find it out as a page, then Material Doc will add the pages to navigation below docs. See page “About” as a demo.

Checkout _includes/site_pages.html to see how it works.

Custom Theme

Edit _config.yml to specific colors for the site palette:

# Site styles
  primary: "#5c6bc0" # indigo, lighten-1
  secondary: "#7986cb" # indigo lighten-2
  tertiary: "#9fa8da" # indigo lighten-3
  colored_text: "#c5cae9" # indigo lighten-4
  highlight: "#f44336" # red

By using SASS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets), it is easy to change the style of hole site. Whats more, If you using SVG, you can also change the color of logo when you customize the theme.


Feel free to post issues for this template, and PR is welcome.